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Our Persian and Himalayan kitten prices will be set on an individual basis, and will vary depending on the color, adherence to the breed standard and availability. You can find the price of each available kitten above their picture on the available page.

Persian or Himalayan kittens: $1000-$2000 (for pet quality)

Retired adults: $150-$450


Claiming your kitten

A $500.00 deposit is needed to hold the kitten of your choice. Once a paid deposit is received, we will place your name, along with a "Reserved" notice, above the picture of the kitten that you have chosen. All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are accepted in good faith as you are committing youself to a kitten and I am considering the kitten as reserved and turning away other potential buyers.


Payment Information

We accept money oders, cashier's checks, cash, and major credit cards through PayPal for you deposit, full payment, and final payment of your kitten. The total purchase price (including shipping) for each kitten is required before the kitten will be shipped to you or picked up.


Shipping Options and Information

We ship to anywhere in the continental United States that Continental Airlines flies into. We have chosen Continental Airlines because they have a wonderful pet shipping program that offers temperature controlled cargo areas, as well as climate controlled transportation to and from the aircraft. This is not only more enjoyable for your pet, but it also means more dates and time that your kitten can be shipped to you. Our kittens begin shipping around 12 weeks old unless they are approved by a vet to fly earlier. We want your kitten to arrive safe and sound to its new home. Thank you for you understanding.


Shipping is $325, and includes
1. Airline ticket for the kitten.
2. Airline certified pet carrier.
3. Vet health certificate
4. Sale contract/health guarantee
5. Health record
6. CFA Registration Certificate
7. A Photograph of your kitten's sire and dam.
8. A copy of the sire and dam's PKD test negative certificate.
9. Sample pack of kitten food and vitamin supplement.

Another option for delivery is for me to personally deliver your kitten. I am able to drive to Denver, Colorado areas to the west, and Omaha, Nebraska to the east. This option is complimentary.




Contact Us

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We reserve the right of refusal of any sale of any kitten pictured on the website for any reason. If we choose to do so, all money will be returned if a transaction was already made.